What We Do

What We Do

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Funding schemes such as ECO and the Green Deal are government initiatives that are funded by the energy companies to the value of £1.7bn to be deployed by March 2017.

Due to the volatile nature of the grant funding environment provided by the government has led to it becoming difficult to comprehend and difficult to access due to the forever changing eligibility criteria. They are described in many acronyms such as HHCRO, CERO, CSCO, HTT, ETT & GDHIF

With all of the above funding the qualification criteria ranges from the tenants, the property, the postcode and the weather area if deemed to be a severe weather area. In addition to this, funding is then made available in short windows of anywhere between six weeks to three months, historically two times per year.

By carefully collating and collecting the data on a property within a portfolio this can then be converted into valuable useful information that will enable accurate profiling for the purposes of accessing, grants, finance and where possible energy saving measures that are fully funded without any cost to the property owner.

Having tested the concept, we are aware that thorough preparation is the key to successfully securing the aforementioned grants and additional offerings.